Ninja QB1004 Food Processor, Master Prep Professional


How many kitchen appliances have you purchased in your lifetime only to be sent to the garbage much sooner than expected? My Magic Bullet recently met that fate. That thing was terrible. I should’ve posted a review on that piece of junk before I tossed it. I will briefly say I had to call the manufacturer because it stopped working. I had to pay them shipping costs to replace it only for it to happen all over again. I went through two Bullets in less than a year.
Fortunately for me I found a great deal on a Ninja. I heard wonderful things about it. However, the models I saw just seemed too bulky.  I generally don’t like to keep appliances on the counter top.  I like a clear counter.  I am running out of storage spaces in the kitchen so more huge appliances just seemed out of the question.  So when I saw what looked like a reasonable sized Ninja on sale, I jumped on it.

I ordered the QB1004 online.  I have used it everyday since receiving it.  I used it to make my banana peel smoothie ( ). So far it seems to be perfect for me.  It had everything I love and it avoids the things I hate.  One of those things being appliances that are difficult to clean.  This Ninja breaks down into easy to clean sections.


Here is the break down.  This particular model comes with a 16 ounce bowl, a 40 ounce pitcher, and a 48 ounce pitcher.  The breakdown makes storage a breeze.  Each part has it’s own storage lid and blade.  There is one motor that works with all three.  This motor chops, blends, and grinds effortlessly.  There are no settings.  I control the texture by either pulsing the motor or letting it run continuously.  I have been pleased with the results every time.

So in conclusion, if you are searching for a powerful blender/food processor that doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to clean; look no further.  I couldn’t be happier with my Ninja.

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