Celebrated and Shamed

Lately I have not been able to log on to social media without seeing a post or article reprimanding someone for either their way of dressing or body type. In just this last week I have read about a kindergarten student being forced to cover up in school as well as a woman being asked to cover up at an amusement park. So what’s the problem? Do we as a society lack common decency? Do we not have respect for ourselves or our neighbors?

I will say this, though I occasionally see one of these posts directed to men, the clear majority are directed to women.  What does this tell us? Are women intentionally causing disruption and day to day activities with their appearance? Are women being held to a higher degree of scrutiny?

I say women, but this is happening with little girls also.  As I mentioned, I read an article about a father of a kindergarten student that was suprised to find his daughter wearing something other than what he sent her to school in when he picked her up. The school deemed her dress inappropriate and covered her up.  She was wearing a sundress in case you were wondering.

It seems to me that an environment has been created that deems the female body to be something shameful instead of something to be celebrated.  Among recent posts was one that said the word “vagina” is vulgar and the word should not be taught to little girls.  What is vulgar about the passageway into this world? A man secretly recorded a stranger breast feeding and posted the video on social media in an attempt to shame the mother.  What is more shameful a mother feeding her child or a man secretly recording it?

Of course there is a such thing as being inappropriate for certain occasions but when have objections gone too far? Sexualizing a four year old in a sundress certainly seems too far to me.  It is highly unlikely any of the students were distracted by this little girls sundress but clearly some adult was.  I think to some degree most of us have at some point spoke out of turn about someone else’s appearance or actions. I hope that if you are reading this post that you take a moment to examine how you play into views and treatment of women in particular.  When you think of the female body are your thoughts of shame or celebration? Ask yourself why?

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