Revisiting Rompers and Jumpsuits

A year after my original post on rompers, I jumped ship. I have always found them stylish. The fashion aspect has been undeniable. It was the function that made them not for me. (Read the original rompers post for further explanation. ) In my fashion world; style, comfort, and function all work together.
After a while some of the rompers and jumpsuits began to look so good to me that I decided I would make it work. That is precisely what I did. My first purchase was a jumpsuit I intended to wear as a swim cover-up. The selling points were the spaghetti straps, the snap closure at the breast (which I choose to leave open), and the wide legs. This jumpsuit nails comfort. It’s not bad to look at either. It’s perfect on an easy breezy day.


My second purchase, though comfortable, was more about style. I went with a snap closure, long sleeve romper. The punch is in the details. The first thing to catch my eye was the tribal print.  Then it was the actual style; the goldtone hardware featured on the snaps as well as the caps of the drawstring waist, the way the sleeves gather at the wrists, the banded collar.  This particular jumpsuit can be accessorized so that it seamlessly transitions from day to night.  The only thing this romper is missing is pockets.


The third jumpsuit purchase had a halter neckline equiped with gold hardware.  It came with a removable sash belt at the elastic waist.  Unlike the first jumpsuit, this one featured a straight leg.  There’s an invisible zipper in the back.  The best part about this jumpsuit, pockets!


As you can see, all three are quite different.  It makes the point that there is likely a romper or jumpsuit to fit every style.  This post does not even graze the varieties available.  I could dedicate a post to just denim options.  And to think just a year ago I said rompers were not for me…


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