Banana Peel Smoothie


Did you know banana peels were full of nutrients? I didn’t. It makes perfect sense. I just never thought about until a few days ago. It happened when I hastily threw some browning bananas in the freezer. Shortly afterwards, I took out one banana to make a banana smoothie. I peeled the chilled banana and put it in the blender with ice, almond milk, and honey as I always do.

A few hours later I wanted another smoothie. I grabbed another banana from the freezer. This time it was frozen solid and nearly impossible to peel. This got me wondering if I could/should blend the whole banana. I googled “nutrients in banana peel.” The first result read “banana peels are not poisonous.” Well that’s good to know. I read on to find that banana peels have vitamin b6, vitamin b12, magnesium, and potassium.  So I chopped off the ends and cut the rest into slices before blending with my ice, almond milk, and honey.  The result was an extra creamy delicious smoothie.  I will be adding the peels to my blend from now on.


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