Sky High

As most everyone boasts stack heels are the hot shoe style this summer,  I am still all about my platforms.  Here’s why:

Style – Think of all the different styles of platforms. There are covered platforms, hidden platforms, or even island platforms.  I am all about variety.

Comfort – Platforms provide a level of comfort that you don’t typically get in heels.  Looking good is great.  Feeling good is greater.

Longevity – People have been strutting in platforms for decades.  Marketing campaigns will periodically try to convince buyers platforms are out but we know better.  Platforms are not a passing trend.  Platforms are here to stay.


Ninja QB1004 Food Processor, Master Prep Professional


How many kitchen appliances have you purchased in your lifetime only to be sent to the garbage much sooner than expected? My Magic Bullet recently met that fate. That thing was terrible. I should’ve posted a review on that piece of junk before I tossed it. I will briefly say I had to call the manufacturer because it stopped working. I had to pay them shipping costs to replace it only for it to happen all over again. I went through two Bullets in less than a year.
Fortunately for me I found a great deal on a Ninja. I heard wonderful things about it. However, the models I saw just seemed too bulky.  I generally don’t like to keep appliances on the counter top.  I like a clear counter.  I am running out of storage spaces in the kitchen so more huge appliances just seemed out of the question.  So when I saw what looked like a reasonable sized Ninja on sale, I jumped on it.

I ordered the QB1004 online.  I have used it everyday since receiving it.  I used it to make my banana peel smoothie ( ). So far it seems to be perfect for me.  It had everything I love and it avoids the things I hate.  One of those things being appliances that are difficult to clean.  This Ninja breaks down into easy to clean sections.


Here is the break down.  This particular model comes with a 16 ounce bowl, a 40 ounce pitcher, and a 48 ounce pitcher.  The breakdown makes storage a breeze.  Each part has it’s own storage lid and blade.  There is one motor that works with all three.  This motor chops, blends, and grinds effortlessly.  There are no settings.  I control the texture by either pulsing the motor or letting it run continuously.  I have been pleased with the results every time.

So in conclusion, if you are searching for a powerful blender/food processor that doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to clean; look no further.  I couldn’t be happier with my Ninja.

Aging Goals

I have always admired women that have aged gracefully. These days it’s not hard to find women over fifty that give younger women a run for their money. My current obsession is Mrs. Tina Knowles Lawson.

There is so much to admire. Here is a woman with talent overflowing. We have seen demonstrations of her creativity through her fashion. She doesn’t just design. She also creates. We know she is business savvy. Long before diving into the fashion world she had hair salons. In addition to being a successful business woman, Mrs. Tina Knowles Lawson is also a wife, mother, and grandmother. She does it all while still looking flawless.

Though typically quiet, Mrs. Lawson has began to let us in through speaking engagements and interviews.  If you have accepted these subtle invitations into her life you have likely noticed that she is relatable.  She is not a celebrity far removed from reality.  Rather she has experienced the same challenges as you and I.  Additionally, she has handled those challenges with grace and style.  I am so pleased that Mrs. Lawson is the cover model for this months Ebony Magazine.  As expected, she slays! If you are not already a subscriber, be sure to pick up the July issue of Ebony Magazine.


Celebrated and Shamed

Lately I have not been able to log on to social media without seeing a post or article reprimanding someone for either their way of dressing or body type. In just this last week I have read about a kindergarten student being forced to cover up in school as well as a woman being asked to cover up at an amusement park. So what’s the problem? Do we as a society lack common decency? Do we not have respect for ourselves or our neighbors?

I will say this, though I occasionally see one of these posts directed to men, the clear majority are directed to women.  What does this tell us? Are women intentionally causing disruption and day to day activities with their appearance? Are women being held to a higher degree of scrutiny?

I say women, but this is happening with little girls also.  As I mentioned, I read an article about a father of a kindergarten student that was suprised to find his daughter wearing something other than what he sent her to school in when he picked her up. The school deemed her dress inappropriate and covered her up.  She was wearing a sundress in case you were wondering.

It seems to me that an environment has been created that deems the female body to be something shameful instead of something to be celebrated.  Among recent posts was one that said the word “vagina” is vulgar and the word should not be taught to little girls.  What is vulgar about the passageway into this world? A man secretly recorded a stranger breast feeding and posted the video on social media in an attempt to shame the mother.  What is more shameful a mother feeding her child or a man secretly recording it?

Of course there is a such thing as being inappropriate for certain occasions but when have objections gone too far? Sexualizing a four year old in a sundress certainly seems too far to me.  It is highly unlikely any of the students were distracted by this little girls sundress but clearly some adult was.  I think to some degree most of us have at some point spoke out of turn about someone else’s appearance or actions. I hope that if you are reading this post that you take a moment to examine how you play into views and treatment of women in particular.  When you think of the female body are your thoughts of shame or celebration? Ask yourself why?

Revisiting Rompers and Jumpsuits

A year after my original post on rompers, I jumped ship. I have always found them stylish. The fashion aspect has been undeniable. It was the function that made them not for me. (Read the original rompers post for further explanation. ) In my fashion world; style, comfort, and function all work together.
After a while some of the rompers and jumpsuits began to look so good to me that I decided I would make it work. That is precisely what I did. My first purchase was a jumpsuit I intended to wear as a swim cover-up. The selling points were the spaghetti straps, the snap closure at the breast (which I choose to leave open), and the wide legs. This jumpsuit nails comfort. It’s not bad to look at either. It’s perfect on an easy breezy day.


My second purchase, though comfortable, was more about style. I went with a snap closure, long sleeve romper. The punch is in the details. The first thing to catch my eye was the tribal print.  Then it was the actual style; the goldtone hardware featured on the snaps as well as the caps of the drawstring waist, the way the sleeves gather at the wrists, the banded collar.  This particular jumpsuit can be accessorized so that it seamlessly transitions from day to night.  The only thing this romper is missing is pockets.


The third jumpsuit purchase had a halter neckline equiped with gold hardware.  It came with a removable sash belt at the elastic waist.  Unlike the first jumpsuit, this one featured a straight leg.  There’s an invisible zipper in the back.  The best part about this jumpsuit, pockets!


As you can see, all three are quite different.  It makes the point that there is likely a romper or jumpsuit to fit every style.  This post does not even graze the varieties available.  I could dedicate a post to just denim options.  And to think just a year ago I said rompers were not for me…

Banana Peel Smoothie


Did you know banana peels were full of nutrients? I didn’t. It makes perfect sense. I just never thought about until a few days ago. It happened when I hastily threw some browning bananas in the freezer. Shortly afterwards, I took out one banana to make a banana smoothie. I peeled the chilled banana and put it in the blender with ice, almond milk, and honey as I always do.

A few hours later I wanted another smoothie. I grabbed another banana from the freezer. This time it was frozen solid and nearly impossible to peel. This got me wondering if I could/should blend the whole banana. I googled “nutrients in banana peel.” The first result read “banana peels are not poisonous.” Well that’s good to know. I read on to find that banana peels have vitamin b6, vitamin b12, magnesium, and potassium.  So I chopped off the ends and cut the rest into slices before blending with my ice, almond milk, and honey.  The result was an extra creamy delicious smoothie.  I will be adding the peels to my blend from now on.