Gluten Zero Bakery

I came across Gluten Zero Bakery quite accidentally. The Las Vegas bakery had only been open a few weeks when I stumbled across it. I was pleasantly suprised by what I found. The owner/baker offered more than delicious treats. She offered an education on gluten intolerance as well as a listening ear to her customers experiences. Some might say she offers more empathy towards symptoms of gluten intolerance than some doctors.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the selection. Some of the flavors on display were german chocolate, milk chocolate, carrot, lemon, and rasberry. There were vegan options as well. I bought a vegan carrot cake that was so good it was gone before I could take a picture.

I did however take pictures of my carrot cake as well as lemon. (Yes I bought both gf carrot and vegan carrot. There was a third carrot option without nuts as well.)






If you are in Vegas you have to stop by Gluten Free Zero for a tasty treat! The cakes are delicious.  Don’t take my word for it.  Go see for yourself.

Jimmy Choo Tisri

I rarely wear a pointed toe shoe.  I have them.  They just don’t get much wear.  Tisri just may be my game changer.  I like to  look good but more importantly I like to feel good.  Tisri allows me to do both.  First off, the upper is a very soft leather.  This makes for a comfortable wear.  Even though the shoe is pointy, it does not feel restricted.  It fits like a glove.

Another detail that adds to the comfort is the platform as well as the rubber sole.  Platforms bring comfort to high heels.  There is far less pressure on the ball of my feet when wearing heels with platforms versus not.  As far as the sole. I appreciate a leather sole;  however, in this case I am happy with the rubber.  Leather soles can be quite slick.  I cannot count how many times I have slid across the room in my first wear when wearing leather sole shoes.  Fortunately this has only happened in the house.  The benefit of the rubber sole is I don’t have to add wear before I trust the stability.

The last detail that had me sold on this shoe is the sculptured heel.  It’s subtle but once you see it you cannot look away.  This shoe has my recommendation.  It goes well with everything; jeans, suits, dresses, pants.  I have not paired it with shorts yet but I can see that going very well.  It’s available in off white as well as black.  I went with black.  If you are not near a Jimmy Choo Boutique you can always shop or check  Nordstroms or Saks.

Traditional Neutrals

Last month I discussed “the new neutral.” Today I would like to take a moment to discuss the traditional neutrals. Traditionally, variations of cream, tan, and biege could be used to create a very clean look. This is still true. There are ways, however, to add edge to these clean looks.

I do this by adding non traditional cuts and texture. If you have been following me, you know that I love texture. Let’s start with cut though.  Below I have a traditional pencil skirt in a vegan leather.  The skirt is by Blaque Label.  I decided to pair it with a bell sleeve crop top by re:named to give the look an edge.


This top adds an edge to anything it’s paired with.  It’s neutral but in no way is it boring.


The other technique I mentioned was texture.  Below I have another look composed of neutrals.  This time I used a ribbed dress to make this look pop.


The dress is by Calvin Klein.  It comes with a belt but switching the belt would be another way to stand out.  This time I used the original belt.  I added a Michael Kors sweater and a statement necklace.


Here’s a tip.  Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of white.  It adds layers to your look and is ultimately very stylish.

Closet Staples – Maxi

A well functioning closet is complete with staples. What are closet staples? This can be different for every style. Though no matter your style, interchangeable pieces will do wonders for your wardrobe.

I am going to show you how I take some of my basic pieces from a leisurely day to an evening outing with the slightest changes. I’ll start with one of my favorites, the maxi dress.

Let’s start with the maxi pictured below.  This is one of my favorites.  It’s a lined silk maxi with spaghetti straps.


Below is my day look.  To make this dress more casual, I added a cropped denim jacket and a bucket bag.


For my evening look, I started by adding a belt.  I then traded the crop denim jacket for a wrap jacket.  I finished the look with a clutch.


Just like that I took my closet staple from day to night.