Designer Sale

20150401_071840Today is the day. Hopefully this is worth my time and not some cruel April Fools joke. I’m getting out my sick bed for this. Those who know me personally know that I am not a slave to fashion. Fashion, in fact, is my slave. I use it to my full advantage and I never pay those ridiculous prices.


Doors open at 9am.  I imagine there will be hardcore shoppers in the parking lot early or lining up at the door right now.  I’m still in my sick bed.  I’ll get there by 9:00.


8:35am ARRIVAL

Arrived in parking lot with breakfast.  So far so good.  I only see two others waiting in their cars.  This may not be so bad.  The mall is so peaceful when it’s empty.  There are massage chairs conveniently located just outside of Last Call.  I can sit in peace and observe the mall walkers until the doors open in four minutes.

9:49am THE FIND

Nothing.  There’s nothing in this store that hasn’t been online all week.  Save your gas and shop online.  They just April Fooled me 😔


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