Search for Soulmates

Last month Baltimore Magazine posed the question, do you believe in soulmates. You can find an excerpt of my thoughts in the February 2015 issue. I thought I would take this opportunity to expound on my thoughts. You see, my thoughts on the matter have changed over time. Perhaps you can relate.
For most, the idea of a soulmate is as real as happily ever after. I realize that can be read two very different ways. That was precisely my intent. If you checked out Baltimore Magazine you already know that I believe. This is what a soulmate is to me.
Your soulmate is the one that compliments you perfectly. When I say perfectly I am speaking from a human perspective. Clearly no one person is perfect. However, this person is able to compliment you at the highest level of human ability. As I mentioned before there can be many that you can form a happy union with; though there is only one soulmate.
Often times your soulmate has been placed right in front of you but for whatever reason you haven’t opened your eyes. We have all met a couple that met with this resistance. When you continue to “coincidentally” cross paths with someone over and over again consider that it may be something more than coincidence.
If you are currently in a relationship and doubting whether you’re with your soulmate, simply put, you’re not. This doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship can’t work. It’s your call. Pick your level of happiness. Your soulmate will stimulate you on every level like no one else. Once you experience it, there’s no denying. Your senses will heighten. Your guard will fall. Your joy will be overflowing. You will be priority to each other. You will be free to be your uncensored self without fear of judgment. You will be matched.
I come across people so anxious to be in relationships that they accept whomever will have them. I see people that don’t respect their mates. They do in word but not in action. I don’t believe love can exist without respect but that’s another post in itself. My point is I believe soulmates indeed exist and are worth waiting for. Do you?



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