Mitchell and Co Skincare


I firmly believe word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement. There are many ways to entertain and entice. However when it comes to quickly gaining trust word of mouth reigns supreme. That’s precisely how I discovered Mitchell and Co.

Like most of you, skin exfoliation and moisturizing is a part of my daily routine.  I have used the same products for years without a second thought.  My products come from a national company that promotes free trade.  I often receive compliments on the fragrance and my skin feels great.  There’s only one problem.  Some of the ingredients in these products are unfamiliar to me.  For years I have been lathering my skin in things I can barely pronounce.  Not cool.

Enter Mitchell and Co.  I discovered the company by word of mouth, social media to be exact.  I was attracted to the lure of shopping small business and of course the natural ingredients.  Mitchell and Co carries a variety of skin care.  I decided to start with the body polish and the butter creme.  Below is a side by side comparison of Mitchell and Co to the national brand.


The national brand is on the left.  They are both citrus scents.  There are obvious visual differences in the body polish.  The national company has tiny exfoliating beads composed of who knows what.  While Mitchell and Co has a natural salt base.  Moving down to the butter, the national company has a more dense texture.  Mitchell and Co is light and fluffy.

I’ve been using Mitchell and Co for just over two weeks now.  My skin is just as smooth and supple as it has been.  The difference is I actually know what is in the products I am using.  I intend on trying more of Mitchell and Co’s offerings.  Perhaps you should too.  Next on my list, oatmeal soap.

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