Random Rant – Victoria’s Secret

This past month I had a few less than desirable shopping experiences in one of my favorite stores, Victoria’s Secret. I have been faithful to Vickies, as I like to call them, since my teenage years. Victoria’s Secret even acknowledged my loyalty by inviting me to join an “exclusive” panel. I am still on the panel where basically I’m a focus group participant. They make the panel fun with quizzes, chats, product previews, etc. Though there’s no hiding the fact that members are providing a valuable service, free marketing research.

All this is to say, I think it’s time I start seeing other people (companies actually). My relationship with corporate via the panel is fine. However, as a customer I find myself dissatisfied with the service I have received lately in store and strangely once online. Customer service over the phone continues to be excellent but for me that’s not enough. I need you firing on all cylinders. So in 2015, I will no longer be going steady with Vickies. I’m inviting new brands into my drawers. Any suggestions?

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