Dress for Your Body Type- Part Two

Let’s talk about apples.  They’re sweet and delicious, both the fruit and the body type.  In most cases, women with apple bodies have a full bust and killer legs.  This should be the focus.  With an apple body type, it’s not necessary to draw attention to cinching the waist.  In fact, I don’t recommend it.  Here are my guidelines for apple bodies.

Avoid wide belts – Every trend is not for every body.  Let this one go.

Necklines – Avoid halters or any high neckline.  Instead embrace scoops and V necks.

Dresses – A line dresses are your friend.  Dresses that flow from the bust will flatter your shape.  Avoid dresses with a defined waist line.

Tops – As listed above, plunge necklines and A lines are the way to go.  Also look for shirts that hit at the hips rather than the waist.

Bottoms – High waisted bottoms are flattering.  Avoid low rise.  Avoid leggings.  Choose pants with back pockets.

As always these are just guidelines.  Everything will not work for everyone.  Keep in mind the objective is to draw attention to your best assets and of course be comfortable.  If you’re not comfortable,  it will show.