Bra Care 101

Whether you view a bra as a necessary evil or a best friend, one thing is for sure. A good bra is not cheap.  In this post I will share the basics to getting the most out of your investment.  First and foremost, make sure you are properly fitted.  That is most important.  Once this is done it’s smooth sailing.

Rule number one – Never ever put your bra in the dryer. Technically it shouldn’t go in the washer either.  It’s best to hand wash bras.  However, I have found it’s fine to put them in the washer on a gentle cycle. A lingerie bag is helpful as well.  The dryer however is out of the question.

Rule number two- Wear your new bra on the loosest clasp first.  Most bras have three clasps. Start with the clasp that is furthest to the right. As the band loosens, begin to wear the bra on the tighter clasps.

Rule number three pretty much mimics rule number two.  This time it pertains to the straps.  Loosen the shoulder straps.  I will say it again, loosen the shoulder straps.  They should not dig into your skin.  They should not leave marks.  Loosen the straps so that they are comfortable.  As the straps stretch, tighten them.

It’s really simple.  Follow those three easy steps and you will have more comfortable and longer lasting relationships with your bras.