My Natural Hair Journey

I began my transition five years ago.  I was in the habit of wearing my relaxed shoulder length dark brown hair in a wrap.  You could say that was my signature hairstyle.  One day without warning I made a change.  Unlike most that transition from relaxed to natural hair, my big chop was not planned. It was spur of the moment.  Looking back now, I have a little more insight on why I may have made the decision when I did.  Some people say when women suddenly cut off all their hair there’s often more to it than a physical change.  I was no exception.

I remember the drive to the hair salon.  The salon was only a few miles away but there was a marathon that day.  The commute ended up being well over an hour.  When I arrived I remember being hot and frustrated.  I asked my stylist to twist my hair.  This wasn’t something I never asked before and I am still unsure what made me do it.  When she was done I told her to just cut it all off.  After ensuring that was what I wanted to do, she did it.  I went home that day with about an inch of hair in double strand twists lying on my head.  I received mixed reactions that day.  It wasn’t that it looked bad.  People just weren’t used to seeing me that way.  The reaction that left a lasting impression came from a five year old.  When she saw me she didn’t say a word.  She just shook her head no.  She was typically talkative.  I’m sure she had plenty to say about me when I was out of sight.

Fast forward five years, I love my hair.  I wish I would’ve done this sooner.  There’s so much versatility with my natural hair.  I save a ton of money since I can style it myself.  I usually twist and untwist it.  Though I can just moisturize my hair right after my shower and go.  I can pin it up, just pin one side, or even create a faux hawk.  If I miss my wrap, I have my hair flat ironed.  For me the transition wasn’t just physical.  It was the beginning of a new me.  Removing my relaxed hair was symbolic of me removing things from my life I did not need.  I don’t regret the decision one bit.  I’ve never been happier or prettier.