Tofu Is Not Just for Vegetarians

All tofu is not tofurkey.  I realize there are plenty of people that enjoy tofurkey.  I am not one of those people.  I tried it once.  That was all it took.  It’s now on my “Never Go Back” list.  I haven’t given up on tofu all together though.  The great thing about tofu is it’s flavorless.  It will take on the flavor of whatever it’s with.  I especially enjoy cooking with firm tofu.

Seasoned firm tofu can be a meal in itself.  One quick and easy thing I like to do with firm tofu is pan sear.  Of course you can crumble it to get a texture that resembles cheese or even scrambled eggs.  You can slice, batter, and fry it.  The possibilities are endless though.  (Some pics of my tofu dishes are on Instagram @ShiraReneeBethea)

When cooking for others that may me skeptical of tofu, I use it to stretch a meal rather than be a meal in itself.  In the pictures below, I used it to stretch a seafood dish.  The tofu took on the flavors of the seafood.  It you don’t try cooking with tofu, you won’t know what you’re missing.  Why not give it a try?