Graphic Tee Obsession – Say it With Your Shirt

Shuffle through my T’shirt collection.  You will find proclamations and confessions galore.  Unlike those day of the week panties from the 80’s chances are whatever my shirt says is accurate the day I’m wearing it.  Feeling unapproachable? There’s a shirt for that.  Feeling silly? There’s a shirt for that.  There’s a shirt for everything you think of saying but don’t actually say.

The best thing about these tees are they come in every style imaginable.  Dress down or dress up.  Options include different sleeve lengths, different fits and crops, and various accents like fringe and bling.   I know I say this a lot but again there is a style for every taste.  Here’s one that I really wanted but just could not bring myself to purchase.

You’d have to know my humor to understand why I wanted this.  Here some others that may be more your taste.

Keep Calm and Say it With a Shirt.



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