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Jessica Simpson Fail

Let me start by saying over the years I have purchased and been satisfied with several pairs of Jessica Simpson shoes.  That’s why I am so surprised by my most recent purchases, slippers.  It took going through two pairs in short period of time to give up.  I’m one of the few remaining people that find it unacceptable to wear slippers outside.  How can slippers used strictly indoors come to pieces?

I first purchased these cute fluffy slippers in solid black.  In addition to them being cute, they felt like a warm hug on my feet.  The padded platform made me feel as though I was walking on a cloud.  They had a sturdy rubber sole that remained in tact until the end.

As I wore the slippers I noticed my feet leaving the cloud and getting closer and closer to the floor.  That wasn’t too big of a deal.  I concluded that the foam in the platform wasn’t the best quality and was losing it’s shape.  Little did I know there was a bigger problem.  These slippers actually made me question my sanity.  I would feel as though my feet were touching the ground.  “There’s a hole in my sole,” I would think.  However, the sole was in tact.  What was going on?

Later I would find trails of what looked like dryer lint on my floor.  Could I have dropped that after cleaning out the dryer? Does the vacuum cleaner need to be emptied? I would begin to find this “lint” in places the vacuum cleaner or dryer lint had never been.  I eventually threw out my black fluffy slippers and replaced them with the leopard print.

Perhaps the first pair slipped past quality control in the factory.  That could happen.  I didn’t expect to have the same experience again since Jessica hadn’t let me down prior to this.  I was wrong.  The exact same thing happened again.  One day I found half of the platform cushion on the floor.  Apparently the side seam splits in these slippers allowing the foam to come out of the side without ever disturbing the sole.


The slippers are cute and comfy but not for long.  I will not be buying a third pair.  I am currently giving Betsey Johnson a try.  Hopefully those will fare better.

Graphic Tee Obsession – Say it With Your Shirt

Shuffle through my T’shirt collection.  You will find proclamations and confessions galore.  Unlike those day of the week panties from the 80’s chances are whatever my shirt says is accurate the day I’m wearing it.  Feeling unapproachable? There’s a shirt for that.  Feeling silly? There’s a shirt for that.  There’s a shirt for everything you think of saying but don’t actually say.

The best thing about these tees are they come in every style imaginable.  Dress down or dress up.  Options include different sleeve lengths, different fits and crops, and various accents like fringe and bling.   I know I say this a lot but again there is a style for every taste.  Here’s one that I really wanted but just could not bring myself to purchase.

You’d have to know my humor to understand why I wanted this.  Here some others that may be more your taste.

Keep Calm and Say it With a Shirt.



BBQ Shrimp and Sweet Potato Grits

Here’s another for the quick and easy pile.   I started this dish by boiling my sweet potato.  This is the most time consuming of all the steps.  It takes about 45 minutes for the potato to soften so this needs to be done ahead of time.  Once boiled the skin comes of easy.  Now the quick and easy part begins.


With softened sweet potato on hand, the dish is prepared in less than ten minutes.  I sauteed my peeled shrimp with citrus seasoning.


I prepared my grits as I normally do with water and butter.  Then I mashed in the sweet potato.


Lastly, I brushed my favorite bbq sauce over the shrimp and served them over the grits with green onion.


Banana Pudding – Gluten Free Dairy Free

This recipe is quick and easy.  I used silken tofu as my base.  Then I added confectioners sugar, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and bananas.  That’s it!



The first thing I did was add a few drops of vanilla extract to the silken tofu.  Then I sprinkled with confectioners sugar and added just enough almond milk to smooth.  Next I whisked the ingredients together.  Once blended I folded in banana slices.SAM_0556SAM_0557


Lastly, I topped with more banana slices and sprinkled nut meg and cinnamon on top.  I let it firm in the fridge for a half hour before it was served but that’s optional.SAM_0558SAM_0559

Mushroom Patty – Gluten free

I have had such great success with the black bean veggie burger.  I decided it was time to try something different.  Enter the mushroom patty.  For this recipe I used a blend of baby bella, shitake, and oyster mushrooms.  My first step was to chop the mushrooms.  Of course you can make work of these in a food processor.  I enjoy chopping.


Next I added seasonings.  I chose onion powder, garlic powder, and steak seasoning.  I used silken tofu as my binding agent.  I also added a drop of bbq sauce.


After that, I formed the mixture into patties and coated with quinoa flour.


Lastly, I browned the patties on each side and served.  Both the smell and the flavor was outstanding.  I can’t wait to do this again.