Prom Dress for Less

Does thinking about the cost of a dress for this Prom season bring you anxiety?  Juniors and Seniors are riddled with fees throughout the year with Prom being one of the most costly.  Consider this though, you do not have to break the bank on a prom dress.  Instead shift your attention to accessories.

The right accessories can turn the most casual dress formal.  There are several directions to take.  I would suggest getting a solid dress with your favorite detail.  This could be a sweetheart neckline or a scalloped hem.  It may seem too simple at first but you’ll be amazed at what the right accessory will do.

These chandelier earrings are stylish and elegant.


Cuff bracelets add flare.


Of course you can make a bold statement with these necklaces.


For a more subtle touch of glamour try one of these belts to accent your dress.


This is by far my favorite way to dress up a simple dress.  This accessory is often overlooked when it comes to formal wear.  You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.



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