Vegetti Product Review

Infomercials love to sell us dreams.  Who can forget the knife that can cut through a penny, the belt that gives you six pack abs, or the contraption that cooks your appetizer, entrée, and dessert all at the same time?  I can’t say if any of these items actually work since I haven’t tried them.  My approach to infomercials is curious but cautious.  It’s not all about the validity of the product either.  There’s something about ordering over the phone that doesn’t sit right with me.  (Though as a child I ordered many things from the Home Shopping Network with my mothers checkbook.  That’s a whole other blog post…)

These days I have the fear that once I give my card number over the phone to these mystery companies it will be used for evil.  So instead of ordering, I wait to see if these items will make it to the As Seen on TV section of my local store.  That recently happened with the Vegetti.  The idea of replacing pasta with vegetable spirals seems like a win win, right? At the low price of $14.99, I had to give it a try.

First things first.  I hate hard plastic packaging.  Who invented this stuff? It’s nearly impossible to open.  Fortunately the Vegetti packaging has perforation for easy removal.  That’s one point for the Vegetti.


The construction seems to be simple but effective.


The metal handles feel comfortable in my hand.


There are two size options, one on each side.  There’s even this nifty lid to use when your veggies get down to a nub.


Now it’s time to give it a try.  If it doesn’t work as advertised I at least walk away with 13 or so recipes from the little booklet.

I decided to give it a spin with a sweet potato.  The first thing I noticed is I couldn’t really see a difference between the thin cuts and the thick cuts.  They all looked the same.  Besides that it did a decent job at least until I got the middle.  The Vegetti spiralized it to a point.  Seeing no other choice I started on the other side.  I never got a chance to use the lid since I ended up with two pointy ends instead of a nub.


I ended up using a knife to cut the remainder into fries.  The next dilemma came with cleaning.  I found it difficult to clean the blades.  It should have come with a tool to clean the blades.  Without it I was tempted to use my fingers which clearly isn’t safe.

Overall I give the Vegetti two out of five stars.  Here’s why:

It was easy to grip.

-It was easy to create the spirals.

In that sense it does what is advertised.  The grip and blades work well.   Though the cons outweigh the pros:

-Vegetables are spiralized into points which could be wasteful.

-There is no visible difference between thin and thick cuts.

-It’s difficult to clean which could mean it’s only good for one use.


One thought on “Vegetti Product Review

  1. Difficult to clean yes but I forgot to buy a bottle brush for the narrow cups that are also hard to clean. My old lady likes the zucchini pasta and so does the kid. The cucumber noodles were gross but they were noodle shaped.

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