Crave Crossbody

As much as I love my hobos and satchels, it is time to start scaling down.  With upcoming events and outings cross body bags are so much more convenient.  As I begin my search I see that a lot of shoppers are on the same page as me.  I’m adding cross body bags to my cart as I shop online.  By the time I go to check out, half of my selections are no longer available.  It’s almost like I have to buy each bag as I see it instead of filling my shopping cart.

Shopping in person is not much different.  Really the only difference is I’m the one grabbing the last style of each bag.  As I make my way to the counter I have to endure the stares and dirty looks of the people who weren’t as fortunate to find these bags.

There is no shortage of colors, fabrics, and textures to choose from. I love the ones that double as cross body bags and clutches.  They are great for going from day to night.   Here are some of my favorites.

Some of these may even show up in an upcoming Saturday Sale…stay tuned!


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