When I am not modeling or acting I’m shopping for myself or my clients.  For me shopping is a career, a hobby, and therapy.  I love it.  Often times when I am in search of something in particular I stumble across things completely unrelated that I cannot leave behind.  That has resulted in a surplus of brand new unused items.

Instead of leaving these items in storage, I’ve decided it’s time to find them good homes.  I will start a new post called “Saturday Sale” showcasing items you can purchase.  All items are authentic.  I do not believe in counterfeits.  All items are new (unused/unworn) unless otherwise stated.  Most items will still have tags.

Don’t let the “Saturday Sale” fool you.  Posts may be any day of the week so check often.  These days every day feels like Saturday to me, hence the name.  When I worked a 9-5 I was usually conscious of each day because I needed to know how many days there were until Saturday.  Now that I work for myself, everyday feels like Saturday.  I work often but it feels like play.  Every day feels like Saturday.

Oh I almost forgot the most important part.  All items will be well below retail.  Check back soon and continue to check often.  Happy Shopping!

From My Collection to Yours,

Shira Renee

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