My Love/Hate Relationship with Leggings

Last year I told myself to abstain from leggings.  Leggings are cute and comfortable but that comfort is a problem for me.  I love and hate that they give.  I decided I didn’t want to wear anything that gave me room to grow.  I am an adult.  The only possible way I can grow is horizontally.  I will not have it!

I upheld my abstinence for a while.  Then came the temptation.  I found all the textures and prints irresistible.  I gave in and bought a pair of black leggings with faux leather panels.  I absolutely love them.  Now I have to be on guard.  One is never enough.  I want more and more.  Now I’m matching leggings with shoes in my head.  I’m putting together outfits.  I can’t be stopped!

Today I bought a pair of animal print leggings.  Maybe abstinence is not for me.  Maybe I just have to be very cautious.  I can wear leggings.  I just can’t be careless.  Perhaps I will allow myself the comfort of these stylish leggings if I promise to be cognizant of horizontal growth.

Here are some of the styles and prints I am watching.


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