Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt Bra Product Review

I was so excited when I learned Victoria’s Secret wanted me to try their new t-shirt bra for free.  VS boasts this new t-shirt demi push up is simple, sexy, and perfect for everyday.  It’s time for me to see for myself.

I went to my favorite VS in White Marsh.   Tiffany always takes great care of me there.  Today I was assisted by Anna.  She ran down some of the highlights of this new bra.  She showed me the double stitching, the wide wing, the four adjustable clasps (usually they’re three), the variety of colors, the demi cup, and the subtle lift.  As a walked the store with my selections, nearly every associate in the store told me how comfortable that particular bra is.

I could not contain my excitement as I left the mall.  The fabric feels so soft.  Of course I won’t get the full effect until I wear it for a day.

New ImageIMG_20140225_163922_0

So here are pictures of some of the features I mentioned above:

IMG_20140225_164012_0IMG_20140225_180258_0IMG_20140225_164047_0 Bonus! I forgot to mention these straps.

After wearing this bra for a full day, the results are in.  I’m giving it five out of five stars.  Here’s why:

The Functionality – Adjustable straps allow this bra to be worn different ways.

The Features – As mentioned above the bra has four clasps instead of three, a wide wing, and a subtle lift.

The Colors – This bra is available in eleven colors.

The Price – This bra is mid range in cost compared to other VS bras.

and the biggest reason this bra is getting five stars….

THE LEVEL OF COMFORT – Once you have straps properly adjusted you will forget you are even wearing a bra.  You feel completely supported yet not at all confined.

Now that you have my seal of approval, go get it!


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