Closet Comparison – Black Sheer Dress

Sheer dresses will be on trend this Spring.  You can blame it on Beyonce’s Drunk in Love video.  You can blame it on the Grammys.  You can even blame it on the shift to fitness causing people to show off their hard work.  Whatever the case, it’s happening.

I took the liberty of finding four dresses that fall in line with the look.   The first is from BCBG.  This dress features spaghetti straps and a mini length skirt under a sheer maxi overlay.  For me the best feature of this dress is the high split.  I love a maxi with a split.  The BCBG goes for $128.

BCBG 128  

Next is a black sheer dress from Nasty Gal.  This dress is similar to the BCBG as it has the mini under the sheer overlay.  The stand out in this dress is clearly the cut out top.  You already know how I feel about cut outs.  This dress goes for $68.

Nasty Gal 68

Then there is this black sheer dress from Guess.  As pictured, it gives a rock star vibe but with that sweetheart top I can see this dress styled  in a softer fashion.  This dress goes for $248.

Guess 248

Lastly is a black sheer dress from Forever 21.  This dress has the cut out accents and faux leather.  This dress goes for a reasonable $28.

Forever 21 28Which is your favorite?


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