Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Two

Today was actually fairly similar to yesterday.  I think I’m bored already.  I’ll have to go in another direction tomorrow.  I started the day with a breakfast wrap.  I filled my gluten-free spinach tortillas with three eggs, turkey, green pepper, spinach, cheese and jalapeno.  The filling proved to be too much for one 8 inch tortilla.  I ended up using two.  That’s salsa in the middle.


For lunch I had another salad…same as yesterday…


Then to satisfy my sweet tooth I made two mini yellow cakes in the microwave.  I love making these.  I get what I want without the temptation of a whole cake sitting in the house.  Plus they are ready in less than two minutes, literally.  I’ll share that recipe later.  I topped my mini cake with icing and sliced banana.  The cakes are single serve about four inches in diameter and no I didn’t eat them both at once.

snackfinished snack

Lastly for dinner I had, you guessed it, penne.  This time with chicken and broccoli.  This was easier to make than yesterday’s penne.  I’ll post the recipe next.

Dinner In case you were wondering, yes I ate the second cake after dinner.  Again I had water all day, no juice or soda.  I also did a minimal amount of cardio.  Day two done 🙂


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