Winter Essentials

As much as I hate to face it, there is just no turning away.  Winter is very much still here. There are some items I am relying on to get me through these last few weeks of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.  They have actually made the cold bearable.

First up my snow boots.  Happy feet equate to a happy me.  These boots keep my feet warm and dry.  They are so comfortable too.  When I wear them, it’s like walking on a cloud.


Next, the essential bubble coat.  I’m not talking about the wussy waist length bubble jacket.  This weather requires the 3/4 length bubble coat.  I need my coat to nearly touch my knees.  It’s best to have one with a hood.  The problem with hoods though is they cut down on visibility.  Sometimes it’s hard to see what is right beside you especially if it’s fur-trimmed.


That’s why I have a dog eared hat.  Sometimes I’ll wear the hat and the hood but I really don’t need too.  No wind is getting past this hat.


Finally, there’s my gloves.  I like fingerless.  If your finger tips can’t take the cold.  There’s always these.They do double duty.


These four items are my outerwear essentials for frigid temperatures.


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