Immediate Results – Weight Edition

If you have been following me for some time, you have seen me larger as well as smaller.

Exhibit A 2007Screenshot_2014-02-16-09-02-12-1

 Exhibit B  2010a1

Exhibit C 2013Screenshot_2014-02-16-09-04-59

I never really took notice to changes as they were happening.  It was if one day I would wake up and say “where did these twenty pounds come from?” As I started to pay more attention I was able to make changes. Today I am not at my smallest nor my largest.  I am at I size I feel ideal for me.  The goal now is to maintain it.  My biggest problem is I want immediate results from what ever effort I make.  Say I want to tone up for a weekend trip to the beach, I’ll do one workout and run to the mirror to look for a newly tightened tummy.  Yes, I know it doesn’t work like that but I still feel the need to check. My goal is maintenance.  In order to maintain, I will make a habit of documenting workouts and meals.

Feel free to follow my journey as I document meals and workouts.  Keep in mind though I’m not dieting.  I’m documenting for the purpose of maintenance and accountability stay tuned.


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