Crop Tops

The time has come to rethink cut off tops.  They have been reintroduced and this time it has been done right.  These are not your aunts midriffs, or your uncles for this matter.  The newest style of crop top can be casual or classy.

It feels weird even saying that.  Most of my life I have only considered cut off tops acceptable in a work out setting.  Even then it was a thin line to walk.  Now I find myself scrambling to find the perfect crop top and pencil skirt combination.

I must add that I have been unsuccessful so far.  It’s not that they don’t exist.  It’s that some topless person keeps buying all the skirts in my size leaving me with just shirts to choose from.  I want the set!

Anyway, I won’t boggle you down with my problems.  Instead I’ll share the stand out styles.  Hopefully you will have success in getting yours.



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