Quick and Easy Cheese Steak Wrap – Gluten Free

I am slowly removing bread from my life.  When it comes to food, It is rare that I abandon something completely.  I will however limit my intake.  My main two substitutes for sandwich bread are lettuce and tortillas.  Rudi’s gluten-free spinach tortillas are my favorite.  I use these to make my cheese steak wraps. 

New Image

These wraps are far more nutritious than the cheese steak you find in your local carry out.  They taste better too.  Let’s not forget they are quick and easy to make.  I start with shaved beef and green peppers.  I’m not a fan of cooked onions.  I season the beef with onion powder instead.


While the beef and green peppers are cooking, I gather my toppings.  I love to fill my wrap with a spring mix of salad, sliced tomato, sliced jalapeno, a relish of hot peppers, mayo and provolone.

After the beef is done, I like to heat my tortilla in the pan before I put it all together.


Finally, wrap and eat.  That’s it! It doesn’t get much easier than that.


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