Quick and Easy Breakfast Wrap – Gluten Free

Since I’m already on the topic of gluten-free spinach tortillas, I thought I’d share a breakfast wrap.  Once again this is quick and easy.  Fill the tortilla with all your breakfast favorites.  These are great for a made to order breakfast.  I made two with different ingredients in no time.

I made a simple wrap with just eggs and green peppers.  Then I made another with mushroom, spinach. garlic, egg beaters, and turkey bacon.  That’s the one I’ll share.  First I added olive oil and minced garlic to my pan.  Then I added my mushrooms and spinach.

mush spin

After my spinach cooked down, I added my egg beaters.


As the sides cooked, I flipped the egg just as I would an omelet.  Though scrambled would be fine as well.

foldflip bacon

I also added some turkey bacon.  That’s my easy go to when it comes to made to order breakfast.


In the end I had bacon in the wrap and on the side.  I also had a side of store bought salsa.  Homemade is best though.  Next,  I’ll share a quick salsa recipe to keep in the fridge.


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