Wig Head vs. Clip Ons

Hair styling is not something I love or even like.  More often it’s something I avoid.  For me, it consumes too much time.  It also puts a halt to my spontaneity.  I have shoulder length natural hair (not chemically treated).   When it comes to hair, I’m a huge fan of variety.  My natural hair gives me more options.

Most days  I’m a wig head.  It’s a no brainer for me.  Wigs give me the get up and go I need.I should also mention in my profession braids and weaves are a bad investment.  I have to be able to change my hair at a moments notice.  With that said, I decided to give clip on extensions a try.

In theory this is ideal.  However, I am off to a not so good start.  I ordered the extensions by mail (possibly my first mistake).  I was impressed upon opening the package.  My excitement changed to disappointment quickly.  I inspected each piece.  Then returned them to the packaging  When I went to put the package away, there was hair on the counter.  Shedding?!? They haven’t even been worn.

I need to hear others experiences.  Is this normal?


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