My Love/Hate Relationship with Leggings

Last year I told myself to abstain from leggings.  Leggings are cute and comfortable but that comfort is a problem for me.  I love and hate that they give.  I decided I didn’t want to wear anything that gave me room to grow.  I am an adult.  The only possible way I can grow is horizontally.  I will not have it!

I upheld my abstinence for a while.  Then came the temptation.  I found all the textures and prints irresistible.  I gave in and bought a pair of black leggings with faux leather panels.  I absolutely love them.  Now I have to be on guard.  One is never enough.  I want more and more.  Now I’m matching leggings with shoes in my head.  I’m putting together outfits.  I can’t be stopped!

Today I bought a pair of animal print leggings.  Maybe abstinence is not for me.  Maybe I just have to be very cautious.  I can wear leggings.  I just can’t be careless.  Perhaps I will allow myself the comfort of these stylish leggings if I promise to be cognizant of horizontal growth.

Here are some of the styles and prints I am watching.


Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt Bra Product Review

I was so excited when I learned Victoria’s Secret wanted me to try their new t-shirt bra for free.  VS boasts this new t-shirt demi push up is simple, sexy, and perfect for everyday.  It’s time for me to see for myself.

I went to my favorite VS in White Marsh.   Tiffany always takes great care of me there.  Today I was assisted by Anna.  She ran down some of the highlights of this new bra.  She showed me the double stitching, the wide wing, the four adjustable clasps (usually they’re three), the variety of colors, the demi cup, and the subtle lift.  As a walked the store with my selections, nearly every associate in the store told me how comfortable that particular bra is.

I could not contain my excitement as I left the mall.  The fabric feels so soft.  Of course I won’t get the full effect until I wear it for a day.

New ImageIMG_20140225_163922_0

So here are pictures of some of the features I mentioned above:

IMG_20140225_164012_0IMG_20140225_180258_0IMG_20140225_164047_0 Bonus! I forgot to mention these straps.

After wearing this bra for a full day, the results are in.  I’m giving it five out of five stars.  Here’s why:

The Functionality – Adjustable straps allow this bra to be worn different ways.

The Features – As mentioned above the bra has four clasps instead of three, a wide wing, and a subtle lift.

The Colors – This bra is available in eleven colors.

The Price – This bra is mid range in cost compared to other VS bras.

and the biggest reason this bra is getting five stars….

THE LEVEL OF COMFORT – Once you have straps properly adjusted you will forget you are even wearing a bra.  You feel completely supported yet not at all confined.

Now that you have my seal of approval, go get it!

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Seven



There will be consequences for today’s double breakfast.  It was good though.  I hope it was worth it.  I started with fruit at home.  After I left, I went to a drive thru.  That in itself is not bad.  I ordered a breakfast burrito and hash browns.  My intent was to remove the flour tortilla and mix the contents of the burrito with my hash browns and jalapeno salsa.  Instead I ate the burrito with the tortilla.  My gluten allergy will wage war against me for my misstep.


On to lunch time…this is where things get a little scary.  I must have been on a burrito kick today.  That’s what I chose for lunch.  This time I was good though.  I selected a gluten free been burrito from the frozen food section.  Well I should have taken the picture while it was frozen because when I put it in the microwave, this happened.

IMG_20140225_122219_0 It looks gross but it was tasty.

For dinner I had my version of sloppy joe, ground turkey with lots of chunky vegetables.  I also had creamed spinach on the side.


Throughout the day I drank only water and despite that no no at breakfast time I went to bed feeling pretty good.  Now to reward myself for completing a weeks worth of entries. 🙂

Closet Comparison – Black Sheer Dress

Sheer dresses will be on trend this Spring.  You can blame it on Beyonce’s Drunk in Love video.  You can blame it on the Grammys.  You can even blame it on the shift to fitness causing people to show off their hard work.  Whatever the case, it’s happening.

I took the liberty of finding four dresses that fall in line with the look.   The first is from BCBG.  This dress features spaghetti straps and a mini length skirt under a sheer maxi overlay.  For me the best feature of this dress is the high split.  I love a maxi with a split.  The BCBG goes for $128.

BCBG 128  

Next is a black sheer dress from Nasty Gal.  This dress is similar to the BCBG as it has the mini under the sheer overlay.  The stand out in this dress is clearly the cut out top.  You already know how I feel about cut outs.  This dress goes for $68.

Nasty Gal 68

Then there is this black sheer dress from Guess.  As pictured, it gives a rock star vibe but with that sweetheart top I can see this dress styled  in a softer fashion.  This dress goes for $248.

Guess 248

Lastly is a black sheer dress from Forever 21.  This dress has the cut out accents and faux leather.  This dress goes for a reasonable $28.

Forever 21 28Which is your favorite?

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Six

This has been the longest week.  I still have one more day to go.  I really admire people who keep this up.  Tomorrow I will likely go out with a bang.  I hope I don’t override what I have eaten the last six days.  So far I feel very comfortable with my food decisions.  I started the day once again with oatmeal and fruit.


For lunch, I went to one of my favorite places.  I ordered a naked burrito with white rice, black beans, chicken, queso, pico de gallo, salsa roja, and guacamole.


I had leftovers for dinner; lightly battered fish, rice and vegetables.  Once again all I drank throughout the day was water.


90 Second Single Serve Banana Cake – Gluten Free Diary Free

This recipe can be altered to make virtually any flavor cake by just changing one or two ingredients.  I chose to make a banana cake but I could have easily added cocoa to make chocolate or lemon extract to make lemon.  You get the point.

To make this single serve banana cake, I used the following ingredients: rice flour, confectioners sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, apple sauce, and a coconut almond milk blend.  I have single serve pie plates but you can use a small mug or bowl as long as it is microwave safe.


The first thing I did was mix all my dry ingredients.  I used three tablespoons of rice flour, one tablespoon of sugar, one teaspoon of baking powder, a dash of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.


Next I added a drop of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of applesauce.  Then I added the coconut almond milk blend a teaspoon at a time until I reached cake batter consistency.


Finally I pressed banana slices into the batter before placing in microwave for 90 seconds.  The cake can be eaten as is or you can icing it and add more banana slices.


Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Five

I felt like I went overboard today.  After putting it in writing it doesn’t look as bad.  I started the day with oatmeal.  Again I added a spoonful of creamy peanut butter to my oatmeal.


My morning snack was a carrot muffin and pop chips.  I actually had this snack a second time before lunch.  I love mixing sweet and salty.


I had a fruit salad for lunch.  I poured grapefruit juice over fresh pineapple, blackberries, and strawberries.


Then I hade a banana cake.  Yes I made two.  I had one after lunch and one after dinner.  I’ll share the recipe next.


For dinner, I had lightly breaded tilapia with rice and vegetables.  I used quinoa flour on the tilapia.  As I mentioned I had the second banana cake after dinner.  You guessed it.  I drank water all day; no juice or soda.