Stiletto Sneakers and other Fashion Tennis Shoes

When stiletto sneakers stepped on the scene a few years back, I was the first to renounce them.  I found them to be hideous.  Today I must be seeing them through new eyes or perhaps they’ve changed.  I’m not sure which is true.  I do know my opinion has done a 180.  I am actually considering these once thought to be tacky shoes.

With the variety of color schemes and heel heights, I could easily work these into my wardrobe.  What do you think?


So right now I’m stuck at intrigue.  I haven’t quite made it to commitment.  While I think it through I went ahead and took a smaller step with the fashion tennis.  I am by no means a tennis shoe girl.  However, with all the adornments of the fashion tennis shoe it’s nearly as fun as shopping for pumps.  I’ve come across tennis with hardware, studs, quilting, and even animal prints.


In the end, I took the safe route.  I went with a black shoe with gold hardware.



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