Hunan Shrimp

I’ve decided that I will try to recreate my favorite restaurant dishes in my kitchen.  Last night my mission was to recreate Hunan Shrimp.   It turned out to be really simple.  The first thing I did was gather my ingredients.  I used minced garlic, ginger paste, gluten free soy sauce, hot chili sauce, sesame oil, sherry, corn starch, and of course shrimp, rice, and vegetables.


After I gathered my ingredients, I started my rice and began peeling my shrimp.  I cooked my shrimp in sesame oil.  Once the shrimp were nearly done,  I added my vegetables.  I used brocoli, carrots, and sugar snap peas.  Usually I’d add mushrooms but I didn’t have any 😦


Next, I started on my sauce.  Remember I don’t measure.  I do everything to taste.  In this recipe I actually over did it because I will be diluting it in the end.  I start with soy sauce, minced garlic and ginger.


Now here’s where I get crazy.  I add a lot of hot chili sauce.  I like my sauce spicy so I have to over do it to counter the diluting that’s coming.  Next I add a cornstarch and water mixture. 


After adding the water cornstarch mixture I stir continuously.  The sauce will go from red to orange after adding the mixture.  Once the sauce starts to thicken the color will go back to red.  After the sauce thickens, there’s nothing left to do but pour it over the shrimp and vegetables and serve over rice.

bubNew Image


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