Boss Lady

Let’s talk work wear.  There are pieces every business woman should have; dress pants, pencil skirts, blazers, cardigans and pumps.  There have been standards set with which I do not agree; the main one being heels should not exceed two inches.  I will wear my four inch pumps to the office everyday.  So here is my point of view on women’s business attire.

These are your basic colors; grey, blue, black and brown.  These are my go to colors for business suits, bottoms and blazers.  I am more liberal with tops and blouses.  As I mentioned before, I am flexible with heel heights.  You know your business best.  If you are on the fence about high heels or open toes, avoid them.

Choose pieces that are interchangeable.  This will allow you to do more with less.  Get a Cardigan that goes with pants, skirts, and dresses already in your closet.  Use this tip for all your pieces.  Having just a few interchangeable pieces will give you a new look everyday of the month.




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