Sale Shoppers Anonymous

Admittedly I find a good sale irresistible.  I’ve come a long way in my shopping prowess.  This did not happen over night though.  There were a few slip ups along the way.  These are the lessons I had to learn:

Not Every Sale is a Good Sale

There were times when I made purchases solely based on of the savings.  Does this sound familiar? If you’re buying something that does not enhance your life in any way, you’ll save more by leaving it in the store.  For example, If you do not have a dog do not buy a dog bed because it’s 95% off.  Not every sale is a good sale.

Learn When Enough is Enough

These shoes are on sale.  I love them.  I should buy a pair in all twelve colors right? WRONG!  What are the chances of you wearing all twelve or even remembering you have them? If you hate peach and they come in peach, don’t buy them just because they’re on sale.  This is all really common sense.  I know there are times when you are in the moment and common sense is fleeting.

Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

This important lesson is often learned the hard way.  Do you know why those pumps are on sale for $20? It’s because they’re worth $2.00 and the trap was set knowing it’d catch a fool.  I am no way against paying $20 for shoes but if I’m paying $20 believe that is a fraction of what they’re worth.  Learn labels.  This is especially important when shopping online.  The poorest quality item will look lovely online.  A few labels come to mind that I will not mention.  I’ve come across beautiful designs and immediately moved on when I saw the label.  I knew they would be good for two wears at most.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule.  The best advice is to take a deep breath and think before dashing to checkout.  Still feeling uneasy? Repeat after me, “I will not make purchases that are not quality.  I will not make purchases that do not enhance the life of the recipient.  I will not throw money at anyone that holds up a sale sign.  I will improve my shopping skills by making well thought out purchasing decisions.”

I think you’re ready.  You may commence shopping.


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